Pregnancy Centers - Did You Know?

Pregnancy Centers offer free services and supplies. Unlike abortion facilities, they do not financially benefit from any client, making them a great resource for thorough information.
Pregnancy Centers provide accurate information about all pregnancy options so that women have the opportunity to be empowered to make informed decisions.
Pregnancy Centers strive to make women feel comfortable and at ease, from the first phone call through follow up care. This approach builds the trust and relationships needed to accompany women on their life journeys.
Pregnancy Centers that provide medical information have direct oversight from a local physician. This level of care and expertise allows them to give women medically accurate information for the services they provide.
Pregnancy Centers care for women and their children beyond birth. From educational scholarships to material assistance programs, pregnancy centers and the organizations they collaborate with, desire to help every woman and her child feel supported and valued.
You are not alone – help is available.